Things Above Ground

by Stephanie Ratcliff

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released May 5, 2017

All songs written by Stephanie Ratcliff with the exception of Home, which was written by Stephanie Ratcliff and Daniel Klenner.
℗© 2017 Stephanie Ratcliff

Vocals and acoustic guitar: Stephanie Ratcliff
Additional acoustic guitar on We Won’t Find Our Way Back: Daniel Klenner
Background vocals: Bre McDaniel, Jocelyn Price, Daniel Klenner and Stephanie Ratcliff
Drums, percussion, electric guitar, bass, and tenori-on: Daniel Klenner
Cajon: Ryan Cadamia
Drums on These Implicated Dreams: Ryan Cadamia
Bass on These Implicated Dreams: Marc Poirier
Piano and Rhodes organ: Nathan Shubert
Piano on Mount Seymour: Daniel Klenner
Synthesizers and pads: Daniel Klenner and Nathan Shubert
Additional electric guitar on Absolution: Joel Shinness
Mandolin: Joel Shinness
Cello: Brian Chan

Album art and design: Bre McDaniel (

Produced by Daniel Klenner
Recorded and mixed by Daniel Klenner at The Space Studios in Vancouver, BC (with special thanks to Daniel Child, Assistant Recording Engineer)
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering in Vancouver, BC



all rights reserved


Stephanie Ratcliff Vancouver, British Columbia

There's lots of hope to give away.


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Track Name: We Won't Find Our Way Back
you’ve got some fire, you’ve got some fire-raging thoughts
i see your sleep is burning off, i see your stare has had enough
this spells disaster - the kind that takes years to forget
but this spell’s been broken, this spell’s been cast, and cracked, and left for dead

we’re crawling feet first through the window
climbing fences made of facts
we’re running head first into forests
with air filling up our lungs
and nothing is stopping, nothing’s calling quite like
You and me and us
we won’t find our way
we won’t find our way back

well that ship’s been sailing though all around still looks the same
you’ve been on a shoestring budget baby, you’ve been on a rampage for some fame
you’re in a gold mine but you’re no canary anymore
now you do the mining of that old ceiling, you do the digging through the floor

it’s a second, a minute, the blink of an eyelid
a penny, a paperclip thought to have been hid
it’s lint in the pocket and lies on the docket
we’re hanging our laundry to dry
it’s what’s fallen that’s mighty, the tears of the broken
blessed be those without voice who have spoken
it’s flat earth deniers, eat, drink and live highers
while corners have folded right in
it’s a current, a whisper, a breath and a fist full of
flowers for dead ‘cause we’ve only been sleeping
it’s movement, a waking, a give and forsaking
it’s where you are
Track Name: Lionheart
(verse 1)
toppling wind on rolling hills
i found my way
but lost the feeling in my feet
i lost the dreaming in my sleep

kindness finds its way though you’ve got
bills to pay
i found lovers in the arms of comforts
holding onto silent alarms

so many times i thought i’d let you go
with lionheart i thought that i would throw
you to the sea
and make my peace with something

(verse 2)
the cradle rocks time hands its clocks
to fools and jest
timelessness and star-flung skies
lit up my heart with neon spies

they found their way through canyons, caves
and rivers deep
left trails long upon the ground
to trace the place where i’d be found

i see freedom, lonely freedom
blowing strong
across borders, across lovers
to right the wrong

(verse 3)
the forest floor’s notes and chords
they echo still
through the leaves hanging from bones and
brittle snaps of silent groans
there may be many ways to sing
but only one will do when you’re
out of words and out of tunes
Track Name: Mount Seymour
i called to You before the break of dawn
i wrestled with my name, asked You to change my song
the waiting, it’s the pounding that you feel
it’s the breathing bursting through the weakness in the steel

i caught the meaning of the burning leaves
it was me, it was for me
i finally gave in to that lifting sea
it was me, it was for me

how do you know the price you’ll pay
until you fall in
until you fall in
how do you mean the words you say
until you fall in
until you fall in

a wooden pile stacked beneath the stars
a wild dance ensues in the carving of a heart
i watched the light travel ‘cross the sky
will You see me from the corner of Your eye?
Track Name: These Implicated Dreams
i wonder how we got from the firing squad
to the other end, and back again
the smoke rings from our pipes circling like birds
preying on our life

thirst is alive, thirst is alive
to tell you what you want
thirst takes no sides, thirst takes no sides
be careful what you want

the skies are changing now, the axis of the earth
tilting with the times
we’ll build ‘em with our left and crush ‘em with our rights
while moving all the lines

i’ve made a racket, a real-life war jacket
it’s under my suit and stiletto high boots
is there someone to save me from all that has changed me
a fire escape door from the cancer of more

turn the pages fast with fingers that have bled
these implicated dreams
Track Name: Absolution
the back forty acres were full of surprise
we peered through the thick darkness with smoke in our eyes
and our clumsy love stumbled but lit up the skies
oh those fireworks they couldn’t be drowned

we took to the madness, we took to the road
left a lackluster day and sought out for gold
in the heights in the holes in the places untold
with that generous wind all around
we whistled a tune to the sound

this kind of absolution
colours lines away, hollerin’ in the rain
it beats to the dance of its drum
while the tables turn over the old grow

they called the resistance, they called in the troops
flying bullets of reason and arrows of proof
but it’s love of another that tears off the roof
oh, those ropes they just hung to the ground
we whistled a tune to the sound

all the silent waves of grief rolling now
they’ll find their way
all the questions lining answers now
they’ll find their way
all the make-shift worries doubting now
they’ll find their way
all the laughing wonders hoping now
they’ll find their way
Track Name: Home
is like a river in the dark
you’ve got to listen
to when and where it parts
it stays strong
so you’ve got to bend your heart

is like a wild flower grown
in a field
that spans beyond what you’ve been shown
its bow and reach
sing the songs of the unknown